Destination Poland

Destination Poland is a unique guide offering in one book an unprecedented variety of ways in which to explore Poland’s nature, history and culture by taking either well-tested, traditional trails or venturing along new, unbeaten paths.

The innovative thematic arrangement makes it easy to find your ideal touring option, and plan a shorter (chapter “Gateways to Poland”) or longer (thematic chapters) trip. If you are interested in the metaphysical aspect of existence, chapter “Sanctuaries, mysteries, pilgrimages” will provide a wealth of information, amateurs of folk art will appreciate “Not just museums: the living folklore in Poland”, while sports enthusiasts and  nature lovers will find some fascinating trip ideas in chapters “Poland for the active“ and “Communing with nature: Poland’s national parks and beyond”.

The guide is illustrated with beautiful photographs by accomplished Polish photographers.

Autor:Kazimierz Kunicki, Tomasz Ławecki, Liliana Olchowik-Adamowska
Translation:Jessica Taylor-Kucia, Agnieszka Topornicka
Graphic design:Tadeusz Nuckowski
Number of images:ponad 850
Format:120 x 220 mm
Issue number:1
Year of publication:2011