Royal Residences

This unique album features four most magnificent historic residences of Polish kings: the Wawel Castle in Cracow, and the Wilanów Palace, Royal Baths Park and Royal Castle in Warsaw. Each residence has been described in a separate chapter which includes a brief historical note and photographs of the interior, exterior and residential grounds.  The detailed „historical walk” through each residence allows you to understand specific functions of each  chamber and hall, designed for leisure, representational or other purposes. Beautifully photographed collections of art , artistic glass and ceramics evoke the spirt and tastes of the past, while old engravings and archival photographs document the changes the residences had undergone through the ages – quitely observed, from numerous portraits, by their founders, owners and residents. The album also offers a glimpse of the extensive grounds surrounding the residences, such as the Modernist Garden in the Royal Baths Park, or selected sections of the North and East Gardens in Wilanów. The residences today enjoy a second life – still they are favourite spots for lovers to meet,  and for families who like to take their  Sunday walks there, oblivious of crowds of tourists  around them contemplating Polish art, architecture and history.     

Graphic design:Andrzej Barecki
Number of images:215
Format:240 × 311 mm
Issue number:1
Year of publication:2015