Poland 100 years

Poland 100 Years is a richly illustrated album prepared on the occasion of the centenary of Poland’s independence celebrated in 2018. The work on this exceptional publication are led by the Programme Council appointed on a social initiative. Its members include Professor M. Kleiber, A. Mencwel, H. Samsonowicz and J. Bralczyk as well as prominent experts in Polish culture: Wiesław Myśliwski, writer, W. Dąbrowski, Director of The Great Theatre – National Opera, and Professor Adam Rotfeld, Polish diplomat and international affairs expert.

The book will consist of 5 chapters devoted to Polish history, society, culture, science and economy. They will be preceded by a historical and cultural preface. All the texts included in this publication have been written in the form of essays by the most distinguished Polish scholars connected with the biggest academic centres in the country such as Professor M. Belka, Adam Rotfeld, A. Chwalba, A. Friszke, J. Miodek, K. Skarżyńska, J. Skalski, M. Poprzęcka, J. Włodarczyk, W. Orłowski and R. Bugaj. The book will present and illustrate deliberations over the formation and development of the most important spheres of the Polish nation’s life: the complicated and difficult history of Poland, its sovereignty and historical transformation (political and economic changes), social relations and identities, religion, education, health, literature and culture, including music, film, fine arts and architecture. There will also be an elaboration on the development of technical, natural and medical sciences.

The content and scientific value of the book is indisputable: there has never been a piece of work with such greatness and class both with regards to its material and editorial aspect. The publication will be a unique album that is not only commemorative, but also scientific and didactic in nature. It will be a great source of knowledge for all students in the country and abroad, especially since the album will also be published in English.

The author of the graphic design is a well-known and distinguished poster and graphic artist, Professor Władysław Pluta – a retired lecturer from the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, experienced and award-winning graphic designer, author of numerous posters, catalogues, book and visual identification system designs and a laureate of many awards and distinctions.

Specific information

Koncepcja albumu:Rada Programowa
Editor:Andrzej Romanowski, Maria Płażewska
Wybór fotografii:Jan Łoziński
Graphic design: Władysław Pluta
Number of images:ok. 700
Format:275 × 368 mm
Issue number:1
Year of publication:2018


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