Tamara de Lempicka. Behind the scenes

“Tamara de Lempicka. Behind the Scenes” is another book on Tamara de Lempicka released by the BoSz Publishing House. This one does not focus on the artist’s life, but instead puts her paintings in the spotlight and looks at them from a completely different perspective than ever before. The author – Anne Paddy – a collector infatuated with de Lempicka’s painting, reveals to the readers how the paintings came to be, whom they depict, what the relations between the painter and the models were, what happened to the sold canvases, as well as presents the collectors, artists, actors, and many other enthusiasts of Tamara and her remarkable art.

Specific information

Author:Anne Paddy
Graphic design:Agnieszka Gogola
Format:190 × 250 mm
Issue number:1
Year of publication:2023


List of Contents

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