Tamara de Lempicka

Tamara de Lempicka is a magnificent book published in cooperation with a great-granddaughter of the artist, Marisa de Lempicka. The exquisite composition of the album, with carefully selected paintings, drawings and photographs, acquaint readers with artist’s brilliant oeuvre and introduce them into the intriguing world of “the queen of art déco.” The emotional texts, written specially for the album by Marisa de Lempicka, describe at first the artist’s biography, then sentimentally bring back Marisa de Lempicka’s memories of a vacation spent with her famous great-grandmother. The third concluding part details the artist’s relevance nowadays. The renowned Polish art philosopher, Maria Anna Potocka authored an essay that depicts noteworthy observations and interpretation of de Lempicka’s art and life. Furthermore she analyzes the influence exerted on the history of art by de Lempicka as well as the impact of the art on the artist and her life. The album stands out with its variety of absorbing texts and marvelous compilation of quaint photographs, impressive canvas, and fabulous drawings.

Specific information

Text:Marisa de Lempicka, Maria Anna Potocka
Graphic design:Lech Majewski
Number of images:212
Format:240 × 300 mm
ISBN:978-83-7576-521-2, 978-83-7576-683-7
Issue number:1
Year of publication:2020, 2022


List of Contents

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